Clémence Chanavat

I am a graduate student in math and computer science. My main interests are category theory, homotopy theory and their applications to computer science. I'm currently a visiting researcher at CIIRC in Prague, where I work with Josef Urban to formalize some results in topos theory. I'll be interested in starting a PhD in a related area by spring 2023.

After three years of "classe préparatoire" (intense classes of math and physics), I went for three years at École Centrale de Lille were I studied general computer science, AI and data science. During these three years, I also obtained a bachelor and a master of mathematics, focused on probabilities and functional analysis. During the year 2021-2022, I was a student at the LMFI Master where I developed my skills about theoretical computer science, category theory, homotopy theory, and logic in general. Here's my CV.